Remote Excel Training

Remote Excel training allows staff who are in the outback, in remote locations like marine oil rigs or who are far from major centres to gain access to traditional Excel training. Please refer to Remote Excel Training which explains the benefits in more detail.

Great savings can be made in time and resources by training remotely. It basically means that staff do not need:

  • travel long distances in order to attend a training facility
  • lose a day or two of work
  • pay travelling fees
  • pay accommodation costs
  • attend full day training because they do not wish to waste the time spent travelling and all associated costs
  • try to fit in more than one day's training to justify the expenses outlined above

Instead, staff can sit back and relax, either at their own desk or in a meeting/board room with others and have the training come to them. Except for the physical presence of the trainer, they get exactly the same training as those in Adelaide or Sydney.

This is achieved by using a program called Team Viewer where the staff can see the trainer's laptop screen. See here for what that would look like.

So, they can undertake 'level' training e.g. Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced, many clients prefer to have their staff participate in short courses.
Click HERE for our list of short courses. Or, alternatively click HERE for our course outlines.

Because we are generally training, phone contact during business hours is limited. Therefore either use our Contact page or .