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Online forms have been available for years. Some of them are OK but generally businesses have to create them themselves. Often when creating 'Free' forms you are limited to their colour scheme, their templates and sometimes, you are forced to host the forms on their website

The following companies are just a small sample of the clients who use Top Ideas to create their online forms:

Online form

Many complexx online forms for internal/external claims/processes hosted on a separate site.

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Multiple Forms

4 forms appear on this website. However, many internal forms are in use on the MGA Insurance intranet.

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Insurance Forms

Many internal insurance forms have been created all using 'logic'.

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Online Form

Contact form with 'logic' so, based on the suburb selected, the user is sent an appraisal and an agent is sent an email.

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The forms Top Ideas & Solutions create are highly customisable and will achieve exactly what you wish. Whether it is a simple contact form or a complex form requiring multiple pages and the ability to save and resume late, Top Ideas can create them all.

The word 'logic' is often used when describing online forms. This means that the form contents can change based on what the user selects from, say, a drop down list. So, if a person selects YES to 'Do you have an ABN?' an ABN field appears for them to fill in. Logic can also be used to send emails to different people depending on what the user selects. For example, if 'SA' is selected in the State drop down list, the South Australian agent will recieve the enquiry.

Some fields may be flagged a 'required'. If one of these fields is not completed when the user submits the form, an on-screen reminder lets them know that they need to fill the field in before submitting.

To avoid 'spam' entries, a simple 'CAPTCHA' code is required. This needs to be filled in by a human because only a human can see the image.

Because we are generally conducting Excel training, phone contact during business hours is limited. Therefore either use our Contact page or .