Excel Speadsheet Design

Top Ideas & Solutions often is called upon to design and create spreadsheets for its clients.

When creating spreadsheets great care is taken to ensure that not only does the spreadsheet achieve the aims of the client but also is 'future-proofed' where possible. This often means that the spreadsheet has provision to enter variables, for example, workbook names and paths to those workbooks. This allows the client to use workbooks in the future that did not exist when the spreadsheet was created.

The full features of Excel are used when creating dynamic spreadsheets. An often under utilised feature is 'Formatted Tables'. These tables are powerful for a whole variety of reasons.

If the spreadsheet needs VBA (macro) programming to automate some aspects of its functioning, that is seemlessly integrated by the designer. However, sometimes the use of code is not wished fro and all must be done by formulas and 'conditional formatting'. These are often the most striking and elegant solutions to the client's wishes.

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